Truck Topper Lift System

Truck Topper Lift System

David Eidelshtein
David Eidelshtein
PA Engineer

Want to make your truck or car trunk open and close hands-free? You can use our Car Topper Lift system to help you achieve this. Our Car Topper Kit allows you to install and use a wireless control to open and close your trunk. Car Topper Lift kits are extremely popular for show/display cars and are very useful for everyday use.


2 x Linear Actuators (PA-14 model)

Stroke: 1" to 24" depending on where you mount and lift height required

Force: each actuator should be 150 lbs (you can try using 50 lbs actuators for higher speed if your application permits lower force units)

1 x Wireless 12V DC Remote Control Kit (PA-30 or PA-31)

4 x Mounting Brackets (BRK-14 model)

Estimated Cost:


Project Assembly Time:

Under 3 hours

The above information was obtained from the most common type of similar applications.  Depending on your design you might require different actuator models, quantity and accessories.  You can always contact our engineers to obtain additional help with your project.

Not sure? Check out this video of a trunk lifter in action, all you need are Progressive Automations materials:

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