Which Automated Table Lift Is Right for You?

Which Automated Table Lift Is Right for You?

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Studies have shown that sitting for long periods is detrimental to your health and well-being. Automated lift table solutions have revolutionized the way we use and interact with desks and provide a way to increase the number of hours we stand in a day, whether it is whilst working, preparing food, or socializing. But what automated table lift is right for you and your intended application? Do you intend on making a hidden bar cabinet lift or would you simply like a height-adjustable table? Moreover, what product specifications can you expect from Progressive Automations table frame sets and lifting columns? We give you the full breakdown of these questions.

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Table Frame Sets

A table lift is a standard table enhanced with a lifting mechanism consisting of high-force linear actuators. The purpose is to regulate the height of the table and can be controlled via a remote. Since tabletops vary in size, shape, and weight, Progressive Automations offer a wide selection of table lift sets to suit a user’s needs. This allows for the transformation of the table to fit your work or leisure needs, as well as the adaptation to users’ varying heights.

Besides its primary function of improving work efficiency and keeping you healthy by standing as opposed to sitting, a lifting table also provides extra safety due to its high-load capacity and anti-collision feature. These features minimize injuries and product damage that may happen in the workplace. Let’s discuss the lift table solutions that are available at Progressive Automations, their specifications, and what models are preferable for certain applications/users.


Standard and Angled Table Lift

The most popular use of a table lift is as the foundation of a standing desk. The ability to adjust the height of a table is the key feature, allowing the user a selection of desired table heights that are programmable with a Progressive Automations remote control. Due to the specific construction of the table lifts’ electric mechanism, it is simple to organize computer wires and other peripherals through added cable management accessories that are easily integrated with the standing desk.

White lifting table frame


A few table lift sets are available, depending on the space you have available. For a simple table lift, requiring the least amount of space, opt for the FLT-20 or FLT-02 model with a maximum weight capacity of 155 lbs and 270 lbs, respectively. These table lifts are best suited to the home or office. The desk frame width can be adjusted from 39 to 58.3 inches, giving you the freedom to choose any tabletop.

Black lifting table frame


For larger workstations, the 90-degree or 120-degree three-leg models (FLT-05 and FLT-09) are a great option and can be set up as a corner desk in an office.

Black corner lifting table frame


The FLT-05 desk frame width can be adjusted from 42.7 to 72.6 inches and the FLT-09 desk frame width from 43.4 to 75.3 inches.

White corner lifting table frame


Dual Section Table Lift

The FLT-08 table lift set is a complete four-leg lifting system and is perfect for larger workstations. It includes two wired remotes for up/down motion control, allowing for each pair of legs to be controlled individually. Since each half of the table is height-adjustable, it is the perfect workstation for multiple people.

The motors in each leg perform smoothly and quietly to ensure no disruption to the surrounding desk. Additionally, a privacy wall can be added using the included wall mounts or left empty for open office concepts. The maximum weight capacity is 270 lbs per section and even comes with a 5V USB charging port to ensure your devices are always at full capacity.

Dual lifting table frame

Single (Central) Table Lift

Much like the previously mentioned lift table solutions, the FLT-01 one-leg model is perfect for desks or tabletops as long as they fit the single table lift. The FLT-01 is best suited to smaller tabletops with a maximum weight capacity of 180 lbs.

Besides a standing desk, a few other applications include the following:

  • Adjustable height dining table.
  • Rising coffee table.
  • Adjustable podium/lectern stand.

The above applications are just a few examples to give you an idea of the possibilities available for a single-leg lift.


Black single lifting column

Lifting Column Sets

Lifting column set


Progressive Automations lifting columns are designed with lightweight aluminium and durable steel, making them ideal for high-load applications. Lifting columns can be bought in several quantities depending on the amount required. Their simple, maintenance-free design is resistant to dust and moisture, allowing for applications to extend to the outdoors.

Additionally, these adjustable lifting columns are ideal for custom cabinetry, vehicle medication, home automation, or adjusting workstations. However, they are more suitable for industrial style workstations due to the amount of force they are built to withstand.

As an example, the FLT-04 lifting column set was used by a Progressive Automations customer to create an easy-lifting pop-up tent trailer. Watch the video below to see it in action.

Why not implement a hidden bar cabinet using a table lift? With the FLT-06, FLT-10, FLT-07, FLT-12, FLT-03-2-1, or FLT-03-2-2 lifting columns (depending on the weight of the cabinet), a flip of the switch can reveal a hidden bar in furniture. Watch the video below to see how a hidden bar cabinet lift can save space and create a talking piece for guests.

A few other applications worth mentioning include:


Table Lift and Lifting Column Comparison

Below is a list of all table lifts and lifting columns available at Progressive Automations. The FLT-20 is on the low-end of the maximum weight it can handle, and the FLT-12 can handle an amazing 2600 lbs. Ensure the stroke and weight capacity suit your needs. Do not exceed the weight limit!  


Model Type Stroke (inches) Weight Capacity (lbs)
FLT-20 Standard Table Lift 19.7 155
FLT-02 Standard Table Lift 25.5 270
FLT-05 90 Degree Table Lift 25.5 330
FLT-09 120 Degree Table Lift 25.5 330
FLT-08 Dual Section Table Lift 25.5 270
FLT-01 Single Table Lift w/ Base 25.5 180
FLT-11 Single, Central Lifting Column 16.5 225
FLT-03-2-1 Lifting Column (Individual) 16 440
FLT-03-2-2 Lifting Column (Set of 2) 16 880
FLT-12 Lifting Column (Set of 2) 16 2600
FLT-07 Lifting Column (Set of 2) 32 880
FLT-06 Lifting Column – Square Shape (Set of 2) 25.5 350
FLT-10 Lifting Column – Round Shape (Set of 2) 25.5 350
FLT-04 Lifting Column (Set of 4) 25.5 700


Now we have introduced our modular lifting columns, 4x LG-02 lifting columns, 1x FLTCON-4 control box, and 1x RT-11 remote works just the same as the FLT-04! Our modular lifting columns are single-unit legs of a lifting column that can be paired with our remotes and FLTCON series of control boxes that can handle between 1 to 4 legs in a single control system. Select from our large range of remote options and enjoy all the unique features of our different programmable wired remotes that can be used together with wireless remotes for extra convenience.

We have a huge variety of linear actuators for home and workstation automation!


Whether you are creating a hidden bar cabinet lift or a simple automated table lift, Progressive Automations range of table lift sets and lift columns will become a valuable part of your project and surroundings. Whichever option you choose, with a good, quality table lift, you’ll manage to reach the ultimate balance between functionality and visual aesthetics.

If you are interested in the discussed table lifts, related elements, or parts, visit our website. We have options to fit any requirements with premium quality to serve for years to come.