FLTCON Control boxes

How To Utilize FLTCON-2 & FLTCON-4 Control Boxes?

Gregory Kimbell
Gregory Kimbell
PA Engineer

Our FLTCON control box series is primarily used to operate our table lifts and lifting column sets. They can also be used as an actuator control box for certain actuator models, as long as they have a Hall Effect sensor and a 24VDC input. The control boxes utilize the Hall Effect sensor feedback, allowing the units to travel in sync as well as the ability to program and save multiple heights. The FLTCON series may benefit the user by keeping the units synchronized, where the speed and position of each actuator will be equal. We will be discussing the advantages of using the FLTCON-2 dual-channel control box as well as the FLTCON-4 quad-channel control box in various applications.

The FLTCON-2 control box is our dual-channel synchronized control box. It can be installed into applications that require two lifting columns or actuators. Applications may range from height-adjustable tables/desks, trap doors that require a more stabilized travel motion, sliding doors, or even patio awnings.

Photo of two linear actuators with control box

When controlling two units in parallel, a difference in speed and applied force load can cause an application to become unstable. This is where the synchronized movement can prevent one column from moving faster than the other column. In a dual column application, if one unit slows down, the corresponding unit will recognize this, resulting in slowing its speed to match the speed of the first unit.

The FLTCON-4 control box can synchronize four units altogether. This is our only true-sync system for allowing four units to stay synchronized with one another. Users can then take full advantage of four-column tables/desks for larger applications, resulting in an overall increased force rating.

Photo of linear actuators with FLTCON -4 control box by Progressive Automations

We have a variety of wired remotes for our FLTCON series that include simple up/down functionality as well as the ability to set and save up to four specific positions for your unit. Utilizing the FLTCON motion control box series also enables the user to power their application from a standard 110VAC home outlet. This negates the use of an external power supply that would require additional wiring.

Both the FLTCON-2 and FLTCON-4 are compatible with our table lifts as well as a variety of actuators, as long as they can be customized to include a 24VDC input and Hall Effect sensor. Our only in-stock actuator that is compatible with the FLTCONs is the 24VDC model of our PA-04-HS. The actuators that can be customized to include these features are the PA-03, PA-04, and the PA-18 track actuator.

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