How to Have Full Project Mobility with Our 24 VDC Battery

How to Have Full Project Mobility with Our 24 VDC Battery

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Guest Writer
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Automation has played a massive role in transforming our idea of comfortable living throughout the past few decades. From our homes and vehicles to phones, the contributions of technological innovations leveraging automation are remarkable. Undoubtedly, automation can always go further, and we think the same about our product line. It came to our attention that moving and using our table lifts or certain actuator applications was quite tedious, and quite often limited to the nearest AC outlet. This is were our portable battery came into play.

Pair this portable battery with our FLT-02 to use your table lift while in motion!

The focus of this blog is on one of our latest releases, designed specifically for those who need a mobile application, but are restricted by their wires. The PA-BT1-24-2200 is a remarkable control box battery pack that powers up our range of table lifts, controllers, and linear actuators.

Stay with us to know more about this new addition to our catalog!


PA-BT1-24-2200: The Power House for Your Application!

Product Specifications

The main specification for a battery is its output amperage and volts. The PA-BT1-24-2200 is a 24 VDC battery with an 8A maximum current draw. A huge majority of actuation devices are designed for 24 VDC operation, making this product a suitable powering choice for them. This portable charger was designed to supply power to one of our most popular controllers, the FLTCON-2-24VDC. This is the only compatible control box with the PA-BT1-24-2200, so is required in order to operate the portable battery.

The FLTCON-2-24VDC paired with the PA-BT1-24-2200 guarantee a stable mobile power supply for Progressive Automations customers. You can also pair it with a pair of our caster wheels for ultimate table lift mobility!

The capacity of this battery is another one of its exceptional qualities. While most battery-powered lift table users are fed up with the recurring need for a recharge, this 2.2 Ah battery means you can forget about recharging it for longer periods of time, and focus on your work. Additionally, this battery works with an input voltage range of 110-240 VAC, which includes the standard electricity supply in all parts of the globe.


Table Lifts

Table Lifts


Standing desks are a healthier alternative to regular desks and are sweeping the market owing to their numerous benefits. Our table lifts and lifting columns are also used in a number of different applications, giving you an adjustable workspace. A key element in the design of our table lifts enables users to adjust the height to their desired position. Common applications integrate linear actuators to move the lifting columns up and down, a controller to oversee the motion, a remote that acts as a user interface, and a battery for power.

This is where our PA-BT1-24-2200 Portable Battery comes in, adding mobility while in use to the list of benefits. This Portable Battery is only compatible with our FLT-02 dual motor table lift. In order to pair it with the FLT-02, you must replace the control box that comes with our FLT-02 with the aforementioned FLTCON-2-24VDC, as this is again the only control box compatible with our portable battery.


PA-BT1-24-2200 Portable Battery


Linear Actuator Applications

Linear Actuator Applications


The PA-BT1-24-2200 is not limited to our FLT-02 table lift! We stock a variety of linear actuators that are compatible with this battery, which is designed to strengthen the power supply infrastructure of any 24 VDC linear actuator-based application. Again, when using with linear actuator applications, this portable charger also needs to be paired with the FLTCON-2-24VDC.

On an industrial scale, companies can incorporate this battery in their product packages, just like we are doing with our table lift. Common applications in this regard can be smart home solutions such as powered windows or TV lifts. A popular use of linear actuators and batteries like these is in DIY applications, where consumers utilize them in interesting ways to get the job done. We recently published an article about the popular topic of DIY campervan bed lifts, which is one of the innumerable DIY projects in which linear actuators with battery-powered control are being used.

This new battery for a control box sports impressive specifications that allow for extended battery life, versatility in terms of product compatibility, and ease of use.


Special Features

We have developed this battery for a better consumer experience, and its features are a testament to it. The charging port is a USB interface so users can easily replace the charging cable in case it malfunctions. For charging, an AC adapter and charging cable come with it, and the body has indicator lights to communicate battery life, which is a great facility for frequent users. Four illuminated lights mean that the battery is fully charged.

Furthermore, the battery is protected against overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuits. With these protection provisions, it is a robust product that can withstand electrical fluctuations or equipment failure. With regards to ingress protection, it has an IP54 rating. This translates to high-level protection against solid particles and light fluids, so even if your battery-powered desk is in a dusty or humid environment, you need not worry about your battery being compromised.



PA-BT1-24-2200 battery


Installing the PA-BT1-24-2200 is an incredibly easy task. The battery comes with its own holding dock that attaches beneath the tabletop of your battery-powered desktop, and the screws for mounting it are part of the package. The dock has ample space for organizing wiring to the FLTCON-2-24VDC controller, and a smooth slide to take it out and put it back in between charging cycles. The indicator lights and charging port are easily visible on the front.

The FLTCON-2-24VDC is the only compatible control box with this portable battery!

Progressive Automations: A Brand You Can Trust

We hope you enjoyed this overview on our latest power supply option for mobile applications: the PA-BT1-24-2200 Battery! We have put significant effort in developing it so it can perfectly complement our product range, particularly its only compatible control box, the FLTCON-2-24VDC, and hope you can enjoy even more movement in your workspace by using these products. As mentioned, you can make this setup even easier by pairing it with a set of our caster wheels, allowing you to wheel your desk around with ease.

Progressive Automations is an established name in the market for linear actuation devices and related motion control. We have pioneered the automation-based motion control industry for over 15 years, boasting a multifarious product line and a loyal international clientele. Our focus on quality products and customer satisfaction is our secret ingredient and as a result, we are always working on product refinements. If you need more information on this product or have any questions for our talented team, feel free to contact us.