Introducing Our New PA-TS1 Telescopic Linear Actuator

Introducing Our New PA-TS1 Telescopic Linear Actuator

Nathan Bong
Nathan Bong
PA Engineer

Space constraints are often one of the major challenges found in projects with mechanical systems that require electric linear actuators with positional feedback. Actuators with positional feedback for advanced controls are quite common nowadays, however, actuators that utilize telescopic compact designs for extended reach are not as readily available. In this product overview, we will be covering our recently released PA-TS1 which is specialized to handle all these requirements, all while being an off-the-shelf unit as our very first telescopic linear actuator!

What Makes The PA-TS1 Special?

PA-TS1 telescopic linear actuator


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The PA-TS1 telescopic linear actuator is our first model to have a 3-stage telescoping design that aids users in mounting the actuator in places that need a compact retracted length while still requiring a longer stroke. Hall effect sensors included within the telescoping actuator allow for synchronization, speed control, and position control. Hall effect feedback is crucial to applications where multiple actuators must travel in sync. It stands out from other models with its built-in feedback and telescopic designs that allow for a shorter retracted length than the stroke. For all the detailed specifications, check out our PA-TS1 datasheet.


Voltage 24 VDC
Dynamic Force 270 lbs
Static Force 270 lbs
Speed - No Load 0.59 "/sec
Speed - Full Load 0.39 "/sec
Current - No Load 1.0 A
Current - Full Load 4.5 A


Outdoor Suitable Ratings

The IP43 ingress protection rating of our PA-TS1 is better suited for indoor use or applications that will not be exposed to much water or debris. Operational temperature ratings of -25°C to 65°C also allow for reliable operation whether the surroundings are hot or cold.

Stroke, Force, and Voltage

24 VDC brushed DC motors


Our PA-TS1 actuators are driven by 24 VDC brushed DC motors with dynamic and static force ratings of 270 lbs. These telescopic linear actuators can be selected to have a stroke length of either 12" or 24" depending on how much of a travel distance you require from the actuator and space restrictions. Limit switches are non-adjustable for our PA-TS1; however, all stroke length options will come with the limit switches built-in for added safety to help prevent damage from over-extending and over-retracting.

Hall Effect Sensor Compatibility

Hall effect sensors come built-in for every PA-TS1 telescopic linear actuator which can be used to read positional feedback information and become especially beneficial for use cases that require synchronized linear actuators. To account for the 24VDC motors and hall effect sensor compatibility requirements of our PA-TS1, we offer the PA-40-24VDC, PA-41, and FLTCON series of control boxes which all offer their own unique set of benefits.

Hall Effect Control Box With Presets (FLTCON series)

Hall Effect Control Box


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Each of our FLTCON control boxes allows for the ability to have programmed functions, safety features, and other user settings that can be accessed through the connected remote control. When multiple hall effect type actuators such as our telescopic actuators are connected to an FLTCON control box, the control box ensures the synchronization of the motors so they move together at the same speed.

Read our blog on applications for the FLTCON control boxes for more information!


Control box

Input Voltage

Number of channels


110 VAC



110 VAC






110 VAC



110 VAC



When choosing a configuration with 2x hall effect actuators, our FLTCON-2 accepts 110 VAC input voltage, however, we also offer the FLTCON-2-24VDC which accepts 24 VDC input voltage. We offer a wide range of remote options to choose from so you can enjoy all the unique features of our different programmable wired remotes – they can also be used together with our RT-14 wireless remotes for extra convenience!

RT-14 wireless remotes


Synchronized 4-Channel Hall Effect PA-41 Control System

PA-41-4-12V24 control box


Our PA-TS1 offers both a telescopic design and hall effect sensor feedback! 

Our PA-41-4-12V24 control box can operate 4 matching hall effect actuators simultaneously to travel the same speed together in synchronous motion. This control box also comes with a wired RC-13 momentary rocker switch, however, there are also two wireless remotes included for the option to control from up to 100 feet away (open air).

Synchronized Dual Hall Effect Control Box (PA-40-24VDC)



The PA-40-24VDC uses hall effect signals to synchronize linear actuators with great accuracy to truly synchronize two linear actuators. This control box also comes with a wireless remote, so it will be very easy to install and control this unit. If users prefer operation through a wired rocker switch, the RC-13 momentary rocker switch that is sold separately can be connected to the input port furthest to the left of the PA-40-24VDC.


Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets


The BRK-01 and BRK-02 are compatible with the PA-TS1 while allowing for a simple installation process. These brackets can be mounted on either the stroke or motor end and offers over 180° rotation which works great for applications where you will be pushing at an angle. For more detailed information and specifications, please see our mounting brackets product page.


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Use Cases in Different Industries

Customer projects


The major benefit of our PA-TS1 as our first telescopic linear actuator would be its ability to offer such a compact design with telescopic efficient use of space that becomes useful in applications and industries found in:

  • general automation
  • medical industries
  • home automation

Our linear actuators and telescopic lifting columns have been a part of many successful customer projects, and we are excited to see all the new possibilities our PA-TS1 telescopic linear actuator will bring in the future!


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Our PA-TS1 telescopic linear actuator offers a 3 stage telescoping compact design while still offering efficient performance capabilities. The built-in hall effect sensors are also beneficial for applications that require positional feedback for advanced features and synchronization for multiple actuators.

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking to use telescopic linear actuators for your next project. If you have any queries or wish to discuss our products further, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are experts in what we do and will be happy to assist in any way we can. | 1-800-676-6123

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